• State of Pawn Law
    Meeting a Pawnbrokers Standard of Compliance | Duane Gautreau

    Pawnbrokers need to both understand their rights under the law and understand their responsibilities under the law. Truth in Lending disclosures, ATF reporting requirements, Bankruptcy rules, Gramm Leach Bliley mandates, and Patriot Act regulations all impact each and every pawnbroker. This book helps explain these and many more Federal laws we face each day.

    We’ve provided law enforcement, the state regulators, and legislators a copy of The Law of Pawn.  Each copy we give is embossed “Compliments of Acadian Pawn Shop.”

    The message is clear.  We know and follow the law, and we expect everyone to meet our standard of compliance.
                                                                Duane Gautreau  |  Acadian Pawn Shop  |  Lafayette, Louisiana