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    Did you know you may face legal risk by intaking desktop and laptop computers as collateral?  If the previous owner's personal data remains on the computer and is later compromised, you as a store owner may be held liable.  Law suits of this nature have been filed against both small pawn stores as well as national chains.  The problem is most owners don't have a reliable and consistent way to clean data from a computer.  They may pay an employee or outside company to clean the computer, but how do you ensure the data is gone?  How do you know the same process is followed every time?  There's also a cost and time issue.  Wiping computers internally can take employees several hours per computer.  Paying an outside company costs on average around $40 to clean off a single computer.

    One solution stores commonly use is to reformat or re-image the computer.  While this makes it appear that the data is gone, in fact it may still be recoverable using freely-available data recovery software.  A tech-savvy buyer could easily go in and recover much or all of the personal data.  The reason for this is that data is not truly gone until it is overwritten with other data.  Reformatting or re-imaging may write over some of the data but could easily leave large portions in tact.

    Many store owners have stopped accepting computers because they're concerned about legal liability and by the time they're processed for resale, there's not much profit left.  How can you thoroughly and consistently wipe personal data from computers in a way that won't suck away your time and profit?  

    WhiteCanyon Software developed SystemSaver Pawn to solve these exact problems and to make intaking computers a simple, secure process.  When you initially take in a computer, SystemSaver Pawn will show the system specifications so you can easily determine its market value.  Later, if that computer goes up for resale, SystemSaver Pawn will wipe all personal data off the computer using military-grade technology that actually writes over the old data, ensuring you legal protection against stolen data.  Once the wipe is complete, a custom wallpaper is displayed that shows your store's logo as well as the computer's technical specifications so that customers know exactly what they're getting.  We've found sales often increase by 40% or more using this display.  

    All this can be done by a non-technical employee with only a handful of clicks and a few minutes.  We automated the process for you so it's dead simple.